One of our Alice chairs is part of the new exhibition at the CAA. They have even used one of my images for the flyer.

Flyer for the Making Models exhibition at the CAA

model : making is an exhibition which looks at the increasing use of new technologies by both craftsmen and architectural model makers. Devised to celebrate the London Design Festival, CAA will collaborate with architects Allies and Morrison to present ‘digital’ sketches, early prototypes and finished work, offering the viewer a unique insight into the early stages of the development of an idea.

model : making will explore how the use of new technologies is influencing and changing the aesthetic demands of various creative disciplines.

model : making will include work by CAA members Vicki Ambery-Smith, Neil Bottle, Kane Cali, Ptolemy Mann, Naomi Mcintosh, Christian O’Reilly and guests Kathryn Hinton and Rachel Hopkins as well as the Allies and Morrison model making workshop.

Image of Alice Chair made in ash