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Time management

Self employment can be pretty relentless. There is never a time when the to do list is done and with nobody else to delegate to it can sometimes feel a little overwhelming. However there are times when I remember that I am the master of my own time. Today was just such a day and with the sun shining and a small, beautifully clean wave, I decided along with Jonathan (one of the makers I share a workshop with) to finish early and head to the beach. It was my first opportunity to get in the water since before Origin and I spent a very chilled couple of hours surfing. A  period of calm which, considering I need to be in the workshop at 7am tomorrow to change the blades on the planer, was most welcome.

Back home

We are finally back in Cornwall after a busy and successful week at Origin. The standard of work at the show was fantastic as always. Thank you to everyone that visited. I always enjoy being at exhibitions and getting direct feedback on my work. I’m looking foward to geting back into the workshop and wearing more comfortable footwear.

Our new website

We have been working hard with Neil of Carta Design to get our new website up and running in time for Origin. We hope you enjoy looking at the expanded gallery and find it easy to navigate. Blogging is new to us but amongst other things, we will be writing regular posts to show the furniture currently being made in the workshop.