Fram Cabinet

Description: I have been drawing versions of this design for the last 18 months, so when I needed to make a new piece for exhibitions, I decided its time to be made had come. I’m delighted with the way it has turned out.

The traditionally hung doors swing open to reveal shelves with curved cutaways. This allows for taller items to be stored at the front of the cabinet, it also helps to reduce the dark space at the back of cabinet where items can get lost. When closed, the doors are held gently in place by concealed workshop-made magnet catches.

I used a ‘Raw’ hard wax oil which helps retain the light appearance of the unfinished French oak. It makes for an overall calmer and quieter feel.



Materials: Solid European oak

Dimensions: W:1200mm  D:425mm H:810mm

Finish: Raw hard wax oil.