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What a difference a week makes

Whilst sitting inside listening the rain battering the windows, I was looking through a few photos from last week’s evening walks. It feels like a distant memory.

This is our regular circular walk from the Chapel, down into the wooded valley and back along the lanes. It takes just under an hour and is a bit of a workout as it is quite steep in places. We walk and talk about what’s going on with our jobs but, invariably, get stopped by some beautiful view or a glimpse of wildlife. By the time we get home, we seem to have shrugged off the day’s worries.

Sadly as the nights draw in, we will get less opportunity and these walks will have to be at weekends, with a lot more waterproof clothing.

Autumn walks

Most weekends we go for a good stomp. Recently we have been walking between our house in Gooseham and the hamlet of Woolley. Its a really lovely walk through the valley.

Photo of leaves


Winter walks

I’ve been out walking / trudging with the camera a bit more recently. But then, walking /trudging has been the only way out of the village some days.

Wind Snow Hackmarsh

Tree and snow Gooseham

A photo across Rough Tor

Photo of freezing rain of the hedgerows along Heleton

Photo of drifting snow on the track to Hackmarsh

Sunday afternoon stroll

Amazing light and big waves on a very still September afternoon stroll. There was a mist clinging to the cliffs and the rhythmic pounding of huge, lazy waves which made the whole place feel really dream-like.

Image of waves as seen from the cliffs at Duckpool
Image of the view looking towards Sandymouth from Duckpool cliff
View up Coombe valley from Duckpool cliffs

Welcombe beach after the storm

After Saturday night’s storm we went for a walk with friends in Welcombe. The storm had created a huge amount of foam on the beach so I went down and took a few shots. The wind was creating waves in the foam and then this happened.

Image of foam on the beach

Image of foam on the beach

Image of foam on the beach

Free Smiles

Whilst on holiday in Pembrokeshire last summer we went on one of our children’s favorite walks down to Aber Bach beach. One of the reasons they love it is the various sculptures and animals made from wood and flotsam that line the first part of the walk. They are created by a couple whose garden boarders the footpath and they always make us smile, they also have ones to take away and share.

Image of free smiles board.

Foxy Lady

Yesterday we had a visitor in our garden. A female fox who seemed to have no fear whatsoever. Where we live in Cornwall there is plenty of wildlife around but we seldom catch a glimpse of a fox. Normally they are very shy and would disappear at the smell let alone sight of a human. This female was very bold, she clearly has a litter and must be very hungry to be scavenging in broad daylight. She spent about 10 minutes with me and the boys looking for scraps to eat and as you can see, having a very close look at us.

Image of fox

Fox sitting in garden

Fox sniffing camera

Walking on Sunday

Although Sunday’s weather was a bit wet, we decided that a walk was still in order. The coastline round here is stunning whatever the weather (apart from when it’s foggy and you can’t see it). We often do a short circuit which takes us out from Morwenstow church , past Hawker’s hut and then follows the path back along Tidna chute. It also has the advantage of starting and finishing at the Bush Inn.

Hawkers Hut

Sharpnose point from Hawkers hut

Tidna shute in full flow